The 5 most effective ways to retain customers

Food retail is one of the UK’s leading industries for driving customer satisfaction. In fact, it’s the second most highly rated for customer satisfaction before non-food retail. 


So what is the food industry is doing right? And what could the industry do better to drive loyalty and retention for its customers? 

We’ve rounded up some of the key areas to focus on to help your customers stay happy, healthy, and coming back to you again and again.  


Be quick 

Speed is everything in the food industry. So, to avoid keeping any of your food customers hungry for too long, make sure you’re set up with the right EPOS system. ePOS Hybrid’s technology will speed up your ordering and processing times get your orders out fast. 


And it’s not just waiting times you need to be quick on. Customers also want to make their payments quickly and not have any awkward moments waiting around to pay. Plus, many have concerns about cash handling. 

And this is why contactless technology will help you to improve the customer experience and drive repeat sales.

Personalise the service

Evidence suggests customers will spend more on higher-value items if their service is personalised. But what counts is that 40% of customers will come back to you, if you’ve given them the personal touch. 


Personalisation should run through all your communications, from emails to newsletters, to order confirmations via SMS. Maybe you want more customers to come back after they order online? If so, you could follow up a few days later with a personalised email asking for their feedback or a review.  


Personalisation also enables you to share the most relevant options, rewards, or offers to your customers. And they’ll appreciate you more for understanding their preferences. 


Have flexible menus 

Demand for healthy eating and order-autonomy is growing. And that means your customers want more control over the food you prepare. 


Give food customers the chance to customise the dishes they order from your website (or delivery partner like Deliveroo), as this will boost their long-term support. When customers have the means to add extra protein, switch to a vegan option, or request a sulphite-free alternative to your dish, you’ll make them feel empowered. Not only that you’ll show them you care about their long-term health and wellbeing. 


And that’s something they will certainly appreciate you more for. 


Run loyalty schemes

Stats reveal that 90% of companies are running successful loyalty programmes. So, it really does make sense to set one up too. 


And be assured this is a popular tactic because it works. From points-based rewards systems to monthly subscriptions, when customers are incentivized then 70% are likely to visit your location (when they can). Plus, 40% will follow you on social media. 


And take note – almost 100% of UK shoppers want businesses to offer new ways to drive their loyalty. So why not take the time to think through what kind of creative ideas could inspire and engage your customers. Just make sure they’re appropriate, relevant and make them happy to come back. 


Be present on social media

Food is the single most popular topic for Instagrammers. Plus TikTok is now THE place for foodie trend-setters and influencers. 


To elevate your brand and impress your food customers, get present on these platforms. Then, find your customers and follow them. When you’ve built up a following by return, you can share your food online and encourage your customers to do the same by tagging you. 


Not only will this drive sales, but it’ll keep your customers thinking about your brand and happy to engage with you. 


Our ePOS systems allow you to understand your customers by recognising them from previous sales. Our reporting systems help you to identify their preferences, and then make sure you serve them what they want. Check out our site for more details. 


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