Customer self-service checkout for takeaways and hospitality

Serve more customers, reduce wait times and increase average order size.

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Self-service checkout for takeaways

A brand new way for your customers to order

Stand alone or fully integrated

Instantly send customer orders directly to your integrated ePOS terminals, kitchen printers or any standalone Android based tablet.

Stand alone or fully integrated Checkout
Free standing or wall mounted

Free standing or wall mounted

Our shelf checkouts can be positioned free standing anywhere within your venue, or if you’re tight for space, they can be easily wall mounted with the included wall bracket.

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Collection & kitchen displays

Orders can be sent directly to our interactive kitchen display where Chefs can update the order status, while our collection screen allows customers to watch the progress of their order and know when it’s ready to collect.

Collection & kitchen displays

Payment processing

Customers can pay directly at the terminal via card payment or can pay using cash at the counter.

Fully connected

Orders are automatically sent directly from the checkout to your existing ePOS terminal, kitchen printer or to any Android tablet.

Plug & play setup

We do all the software setup for you so when the check out arrives, you just need to plug it in and turn it on.

Different order types

Customers can place both eat-in or takeaway orders directly from the check out

Maximise sales

Customers can browse your full menu creating more opportunity to upsell and increase average order volume by 20%

Reduce queues

Make customer queues a thing of the past and reduce your employees work load! Reduce queues, serve more customers and make more money!

Reduce queues, increase customer satisfaction, Drive revenue

With ePOS Hybrid’s customer self checkout

Customer self checkout
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