We’re crowdfunding and we’d love you to be part of it!

We’re creating the most powerful hospitality ePOS platform and we want you to be part of it. Our customers have played a crucial part in building our business and making it what it is today. Through your support and feedback, we’ve been able to continually develop our products and create one of the most feature rich ePOS platforms in the world.

Why are we crowdfunding ?

We’re growing and growing quickly, and we’d like you to share in our future success. We’ve been working hard over the last four years to create a cutting edge ePOS platform which helps our clients elevate their customer experience and reduce costs.

Since our product launch in April last year, we have seen extraordinary demand for our products, quickly increasing the number of customers using our platform and now we’re struggling to keep up! The money we raise will enable us to grow the business further, recruiting new staff members and elevating our functionality, enabling us to meet increased customer demand and roll out our products to more business throughout the UK.



We’re on a mission to provide a fully connected ePOS platform which transforms the customer experience and delivers unrivaled business efficiency.

What's Next?

We’re targeting to have over 12,000 businesses using our technology throughout the UK and internationally within the next few years.

We are crowdfunding now

Invest now
Crowdfunding allows anyone to invest in companies such as ePOS Hybrid with as little as £10. It allows businesses to accept investments from customers and the general public through a secure platform in return for shares in the business.
We’ve chosen to use Crowdcube for our fund raise. Crowdcube is the UK’s leading equity crowdfunding platform.
Before our campaign is promoted publicly, we have the opportunity to invite certain groups of people to invest in our business first, this is called private mode. We’ll be private for two weeks before the general public can invest in the business.
You can click here to visit our Crowdcube profile. Once the campaign is public we’ll be listed in “Investment Opportunities” on the Crowdcube website. To invest, you’ll need to create a Crowdcube account which takes a minute or so.
Head over to www.crowdcube.com to register and sign up, it’s quick and easy. Once you’ve provided verified your identity, you’ll be able to invest in ePOS Hybrid securely through their platform.
Yes, ofcourse! If you know people who may be interested in investing in our business as we continue to grow, you can share this page with them too so they can sign up.
The minimum investment is just £10.
Your money will be used to help the business grow throughout the UK and abroad, rolling our products out to hundreds of new customers. We’ll be investing in our sales and marketing teams as well as developing new products and features to ensure our product is market leading.
You can make a return on your investment in two main ways: if ePOS Hybird is sold at a higher valuation than the one at which you invested, or if we float on a stock exchange. We aim to provide our investors with a return on their investment, but it is not guaranteed. As with any business, investing does involve some risk.