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ePOS for Restaurants

ePOS Hybrid will automate all restaurant operations which helps to give the best dining experience to your customers

  • Replace your printed menu with the digital menu
  • Quickly update menus and manage effective Promotions
  • Best table booking and table allocation to accommodate maximum guests
  • Manage your customer feedback and customer loyalty effectively
  • Improve your efficiency for home deliveries and take-away customers
  • Completely automate your stock management, staff management, customer management, accounting, tax and much more

ePOS for Bars & Pubs

ePOS Hybrid helps to provide a faster service to your customers during busy hours with great features and functionality

  • Effectively manage your drinks & food menu
  • Manage great promotions such as happy hours, early bird & many more special promotions
  • Update promotions easily within minutes
  • Better management of stock including loose liquors, wines and food
  • Easy to manage staff rotas, holidays, leaves and hours calculations, etc
  • Easy to manage party bookings, group parties & customer tab
  • Complete management of accounting, stock, tax, reports, customers, loyalty and advertisement, etc

ePOS for Coffee Shops

ePOS Hybrid will make it simple to operate your coffee shop with extensive features and efficient customer management

  • Manage your menu & promotions effectively
  • Implement customer loyalty cards to encourage customer retention
  • Manage your staff, accounting, rotas and stock with user-friendly software
  • Manage your stock, reordering and control wastage easily
  • Generate reports to have great insights into your sales, expenses, staff hours and much more

ePOS for Takeaways

ePOS Hybrid will make all Takeaway operations fast, easy and effective to improve customer satisfaction

  • Caller-ID will recognize customer phone numbers and help them be served quickly
  • Customer Management will help store customer details and repeat orders easily
  • Best management of delivery drivers through live monitoring of their location
  • Integrate your website orders with ePOS
  • Automate menu management, promotions, stock management, staff management, customer management, accounting, tax and much more

ePOS for Bakeries

ePOS Hybrid will assist with the smooth running of your bakery with great features and functionalities

  • Simple to manage menu with daily offers and promotions
  • Manage stock, wastage, damage and simple stock ordering process
  • Manage your staff, rotas, holidays, leaves and hours calculations, etc. with our staff module
  • Provide incentives to your regular customers with our loyalty card module
  • Manage your bakery back-office operations, accounting and tax etc

ePOS for Pizza Houses

ePOS Hybrid will make you stand out with our specialist ‘Pizza Menu Management’ functionality and best promotion management features

  • Effectively manage your menu with our specialized ‘Pizza Menu Management’ feature which helps manage different crusts, sauces, cheese, toppings and custom pizza, etc
  • Manage great promotions to beat your local competitors
  • Effective order management for dine-in, takeaway and deliveries
  • Our delivery app will help to manage deliveries, drivers and routes more efficiently to save time and create faster deliveries
  • Kitchen displays will show orders instantly to help assist with faster cooking
  • Self-checkout will speed up the ordering for walk-in customers

ePOS for Food Courts

ePOS Hybrid will automate all Food court operations to provide speedy, effective and efficient services to its customers

  • Effectively Manage dine-In, takeaway, drive-thru and home deliveries
  • Self-checkouts will help customers to quickly navigate the menus and place the order
  • Collection display will help to prevent customers standing in long queues
  • Automate your menu management, promotions, stock management, staff management, customer management, accounting, tax and much more

ePOS for Buffet Restaurants

ePOS Hybrid will simplify your guest management and will also help to automate your business operations

  • Provide wristbands or tokens for dining in your buffet restaurants
  • Effective customer management, loyalty and promotions to attract repeat customers
  • Better table management to serve maximum guests during busy times
  • Great stock management feature to control stock, reordering and stock wastage
  • Complete staff management for rotas, annual holidays, leaves and staff hours calculations
  • Manage your drinks menu and run great promotions & offers with our menu management feature
  • Manage your business from anywhere with our ‘Live Monitoring’ feature