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Elevate your customer experience, increase customer retention and grow revenue with our loyalty and rewards system.

Clever loyalty & reward programs

Create brand loyalty and increase customer retention using our intuitive customer loyalty and rewards functionality.

Loyalty and Reward Programs

Caller ID

41% of customers still order takeaways and deliveries over the phone. Automatically recognise existing customers just by their phone number when they call. Using our POS system, you can quickly see customer’s previous orders and store their delivery details to increase ordering efficiency.

Promotion management simplified

ePOS Hybrid fully automates promotion management, allowing you to upsell and drive footfall during quiet periods. Easily set up and run happy hour discounts, multi-buy deals or offer customers discounts and coupon codes.

Advert management

Promote offers, new menus or promotional items on your POS terminals, customer display screens, digital menus, self checkouts and smart tables when they’re not in use.

Advert Management
Customer Feedback

Drive business improvement with automatic feedback

ePOS Hybrid allows you to simply collect and manage customer feedback. Easily create interactive surveys directly in your management panel and collect feedback through your website, app, dedicated tablets, or self checkout devices. Automatically generate easy to understand reports.

Customer insights

Better understand your business and your customers with our powerful business reporting and customer insight dashboard.

Customer Insights

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