Next gen ePOS software

Elevate your bars’ productivity and service with ePOS Hybrid

Powerful Point of Sale Technology Powerful Point of Sale Technology

Increase service and elevate operations with intuitive point of sale technology

Automate and track every area of your bar so you can focus on what’s important, being efficient as possible and elevating your customer experience

  • Process orders and take payments in seconds
  • Flexible menu categories and items
  • Store recipes and instructions for cocktails
  • Start tabs and offer table booking
  • Real-time sales data and reporting
  • Cloud technology with banking grade security
  • Automate order processing between stations
Order Management with Intuitave Technology Order Management with Intuitave Technology

Process orders quickly, serve more customers and streamline your business with intuitive ordering

A simple to use and intuitive order flow allows you to serve customers quickly while up selling with intelligent promotional functionality

  • Process orders quickly and reduce queues
  • Take orders at a bar or offer table service
  • Fully customisable food & drink menu, with unlimited categories
  • Promotions, meal deals, set menus and happy hours
  • Seamlessly send orders from the bar to your kitchen area
  • Up-sell using automated promotions and happy hour features
Promotional Management With Our Next Gen EPOS Promotional Management With Our Next Gen EPOS

The ultimate functionality to upsell, promote high margin items and drive revenue

Offer great deals while increasing your average customer spend with power promotional and happy hour functionality

  • Flexible promotions across all menu and food products
  • Dynamic pricing for happy hour or limited time promotions
  • Increase profits by automatically up-selling food or drink items
  • Create and design your own promotions or meal deals
  • Track and monitor the success of each promotion
Table Management Table Management

Interactive floor plans, table bookings and customer tabs to elevate your service

Instantly see available tables with just a glance, sit more customers, Increase daily covers and drive business revenue

  • Interactive, drag and drop floor plan builder
  • Monitor live table availability at a glance
  • Create customer tabs and their track spend
  • Intelligent pre booking functionality
  • Instantly view occupied table orders & bills
  • Fully integrated online table booking
  • Combine tables with a touch of a button
Contactless Ordering Contactless Ordering

Offer the ultimate ordering convenience with customer order & pay at table

Allow customers to order themselves, increasing your average order size and freeing up staff to focus on service

  • Customers can order & pay directly from a smartphone
  • Reduce customer queue sizes
  • Reduce the demand on staff by not having to take orders
  • Promote high margin items and cross sell
  • Increase your average order size and drive revenue
  • Payment is taken at time of ordering
  • Real time order notifications sync to your ePOS
  • Elevate customer experience
Multiple EPOS Terminals Multiple EPOS Terminals

Stay organised and processes more sales with our multi-staff log-on

Keep track of who’s logged in, run multiple ePOS terminals and gain full transparency across every sale

  • Staff can instantly log in and out of any terminal
  • Monitor sales made by each staff member
  • Full transparency and accountability for all transactions
  • Assign Manager permissions to certain users
  • Limit the ability to refund or offer discounts
Report Management Report Management

Track every area of your business anytime with powerful reporting

Automatically track and monitor every metric of your business, from sales and promotions to stock and wastage

  • Complete stock and food waste tracking
  • Scan and report new stock with our integrated app
  • Monitor food costs to protect margins
  • Full business & operations reporting
  • Financial, revenue and sales tracking
  • Track deals, promotions and discounts
Fully Integrated Payment Processing Fully Integrated Payment Processing

Take payments, instantly

Seamlessly process card payments and eliminate costly mistakes with a direct payment integration

  • Fully integrated with major payment merchants
  • Process customer payments securely and fast
  • Offer contactless and mobile payment
  • Completely automated to remove human error
  • Fully automated end-of-day reconciliation reporting

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Powering your whole
business from one system

We offer more features than any other ePOS provider

Restaurant Management

  • Menu management
  • Table & contactless ordering
  • Table management & booking
  • Customer track & trace
  • Staff management
  • Kitchen management
  • Order processing
  • Payment integration

Business Reporting

  • Sales reporting
  • Accounting & tax
  • Live monitoring app
  • Manger insights app
  • Stock management
  • Multi location reports

Online Ordering & Home Delivery

  • Web ordering platform
  • Mobile app ordering
  • Home delivery management
  • Delivery driver tracking app
  • Full Deliveroo integration

Marketing & Loyalty

  • Loyalty card management
  • Promotion management
  • Advert management
  • Customer insights

Multi System

  • Multi location management
  • Unlimited menus
  • Multi language (Menu)
  • Multi currency
Powerfull EPOS System Connect to Self Checkout Powerfull EPOS System Connect to Self Checkout

Powerful hardware to ensure your business never slows down

Everything from ePOS systems to customer self checkouts all fully connected and interlinked.

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