Allow your customers to order food and drinks to their table, without leaving their seat.

Scan QR Code and Order

Ultimate convenience while reducing contact

Customers can easily view your menu, order food & drinks and pay directly from their mobile phones. Offering the ultimate convenience for your customers while reducing contact with your staff members.

  • Customers simply scan a QR code with their phone
  • No need to download an app
  • Customers can pick their table number
  • Customers can order a meal, a round of drinks or anything on your menu
  • Offer promotions and set menus
  • Manage all orders directly from your ePOS system or a tablet device
  • Customers pay on their mobile phones at the time of ordering
  • Maintain social distancing and reduce customer contact

How it works

Customers scan a QR code at their table using their mobile

They select their table number, place an order and pay

Orders are sent directly to the kitchen or bar and served to their table when ready

Easy to Use Our Software

Elevate your customer experience as well as your business

Modernise your business, reduce customer contact and increase sales.

  • Offers quick and easy ordering for customers
  • Reduces the demand on staff and allows them to focus on other areas
  • Increases serving efficiency
  • Reduces queues at a bar or counter
  • Removes the need for customers to request a waiter to order
  • Elevates your customer experience
  • The seamless ordering process encourages customers to spend more

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  • Restaurants

    Restaurants & fine dining

    Powerful point of sale technology designed for full service restaurant and fine dining establishments.
  • Casual & pop-up

    Casual dining, fast food & pop-up

    Point of sale designed specifically for cafes, casual dining and pop-up businesses.
  • Bars & night clubs

    Pubs, bars & night clubs

    Clever point of sale technology to help you increase service speed, track sales and drive revenue
  • Takeaway

    Takeaway & home delivery

    Online ordering, customer management and live driver tracking, everything you need to elevate your takeaway in one, simple package

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