Menu Management

A great menu and attractive promotions are the keys to success for food businesses, and we understand what works. ePOS Hybrid will provide greater flexibility to add and manage your menu and promotions easily
  • Add & manage your menu with information about cooking, ingredients, allergies and calories
  • Create separate menus for food, drinks, kids, desserts and even for special occasions such as Christmas menu
  • Easily handle meal bundles, meal queries and combo deals
  • Very simple to set up and run different types of promotions
  • Provisions to run promotional offers during specific days and/or times
  • Easy to manage discount codes & offers within receipts for next purchases
ePOS Menu Management
ePOS Web Ordering System

Mobile App for your Customers

Modernize your business into 21st century standard, a pace of current trends and customer habits. A recent study suggests that 18% of customers are accustomed to using Mobile Apps for ordering the food of their desire. We will develop and launch a mobile app that best suits your business, which your customers can download from both Apple and Google Play store.

The essential features are:

  • Your customers can instantly download your Business App, view menu and order food with ease
  • Orders placed from Business App will instantly reach the Operator Terminal and Kitchen
  • Customer can track ‘Order Status’ from the App
  • Loyalty points to your customers can be offered using the Business App
  • No need to pay huge commissions or monthly subscription fees to third party companies
  • Promotions can be displayed to customer instantly
  • Customers can redeem promo codes while placing the order through your App

Web Ordering System

According to a recent study, 33% of customers order their food through websites. We will provide you with a ‘Web Ordering System’ where your customer can access your food menu, view promotions, order food and make the payment.
  • Web Ordering System can either be linked with your existing website or we can even create a new website for your business
  • Customers can view your Food Menu, Promotions and Order food with ease
  • An instantly generated receipt will be sent to customer email
  • Web Orders will directly reach your Operator Terminal and Kitchen for immediate processing
  • Customers can redeem Promo Codes while placing orders through Web Ordering System
ePOS Menu Management
ePOS Table Management

Table Management

Our innovative table management module helps you to create floor layouts & table arrangements precisely at your restaurants. It also helps you to manage table reservations and table allocations more efficiently
  • Create your “Tables” with easy to draw tools and set up your own restaurant layout including furniture
  • Manage all your table reservations received from multiple channels
  • Allocate tables to walk-in guests after an automatic check of reservations within the next hour
  • Easy to swap tables & transfer orders when customers request a change of the table

Digital Menu

Dine-in customers spend 20% of their time ‘finding a waiter’ to ask for a glass of water, order additional food item or to request a bill. With our brilliant digital menu, your customers can order, request their bill or ask for cutlery using the ‘Tablet’ called ‘Digital Menu’
  • Customers can order food & drinks from the table without any staff assistance
  • Printed menus will get out-dated when there are price or item changes. With Digital Menu, the prices, promotions and items are updated instantly
  • Customers receive a faster service while you save money on staff wages
  • Customers can provide feedback easily from Digital Menu
  • Easy to manage adverts will help promote your events, special occasions or promotions
  • Customers or kids can play pre-loaded or online games while waiting for their food
ePOS Digital Menu
ePOS Caller-id for Telephone Orders

Caller-id for Telephone Orders

A recent study shows that 41% of customers are making phone calls to Order food. Our ePOS is integrated with external ‘Caller-id’ device, which will help to identify customer telephone number and process the orders quickly.
  • Customer telephone numbers will be displayed on your operator terminal
  • You can store customer name and delivery address in the ePOS system for future access
  • You can see previous orders from a customer and repeat them if they wish

Home Delivery & Collections

Our collection app helps busy restaurants to avoid queues by displaying the order status with the customer's name or order number
  • Display all orders by number or customer name on the collection counter display panel
  • Alert customers whose orders are ready to collect
  • Run your adverts and promotions when no orders are displayed
ePOS Home Delivery & Collections
ePOS Smart Table

Smart Table

The new revolution in the food industry, our Smart Table enthuses and engages customers easily
  • Customers can order food & drinks from the smart table
  • People can play pre-loaded or online games while waiting for food or drinks
  • Promote events, special occasions or promotions with adverts on Smart Table
  • Attract more niche customers who are savvy with technology

Promotion Management

A great menu and attractive promotions are the keys to a successful food business, something we understand very well. ePOS Hybrid will give greater flexibility to add and manage your menu and promotional offers easily
  • Add & manage your menu with information about cooking, ingredients, allergies and calories
  • Create separate menus for food, drinks, kids, desserts and even for special occasions such as a Christmas menu
  • Easily handle meal bundles, meal queries and combo deals
  • Very simple to set up and run different types of promotions
  • Easy to manage discount codes & offers within receipts for next purchases
ePOS Promotion Management
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Feedback Management

Customer feedbacks both positive and negative are helpful for businesses to improve services and menus. Our ePOS software helps you to collect and manage customer feedback easily
  • Collect feedback from customers, employees, suppliers and stakeholders
  • Collect feedback in person, through emails, anonymously or through video feedback
  • Our Tablet devices collect feedback at the table or at your entrance door
  • Generate feedback report with graphical representation which is easy to understand
  • Prepare feedback on your action plan and improve follow-ups on the action plan

Staff Management

You can automate all your human resource operations with our staff management module
  • Manage all staff records, files and contracts from one place
  • Create and manage rotas, annual leave, sick leave and absence
  • Manage staff training records and manage the training matrix
  • Set reminders and alerts about training expiry or work permit related information
ePOS Staff Management
ePOS Accounting & Tax Calculations

Accounting & Tax Calculations

ePOS Hybrid will automate all accounting & tax calculations and help you to generate various financial reports easily
  • Able to set up different types of taxes and tax rates based on items
  • Able to generate tax reports either monthly, quarterly and/or annually for tax returns (such as VAT, GST or State Tax etc.)
  • With integration of Xero™ accounting software, your accounts will be automatically updated
  • With extensive use of our stock module, you can manage accurate stock list information to update your annual accounts
  • You can generate various financial reports to help analyze your business performance

Customer Management

Loyal customers are a vital part of any business. Our customer management module will help businesses to maintain and manage customer data very securely and efficiently
  • Store and retrieve customer data for telephone orders
  • Manage table bookings with existing customer data
  • Send customer receipts directly to their email address
  • Run newsletters to customers about promotions & offers
  • Collect email feedback from customers who subscribed to receive offers
ePOS Customer Management
ePOS Live Monitoring

Live Monitoring

The Manager Insights App helps the owner and manager to monitor the business and manage some aspects while not present on the premises. Manager Insights App is a great benefit while you’re on a holiday, out for a meeting or when working from home
  • Monitor your business from anywhere in the world using Manager Insights App
  • Monitor sales insights for a specific period
  • Monitor current engaged tables and future table bookings
  • Activate or Deactivate promotions
  • Make necessary changes to staff permissions while you’re away
  • Monitor stock movements
  • Monitor complaints & insights


ePOS Hybrid provides extensive reports which give greater insight into the business, sales, customer satisfaction, wastage, promotions staff performance and financials
  • Financial reports such as cash payments, card payments, shift end, day end, coupons, gift cards, staff discounts and tax reports
  • Reports on transactional history to monitor voids, refunds, tips, cash variance and no sale reports
  • Sales reports such as product-wise, category-wise, promotion-wise and operator-wise statistics. Sales reports will also be available for specific period and timings
  • Customer reports such as repeated customers, feedback count, customer count and subscriber count
  • Staff reports such as holidays, absence, training, wages, attendance and clock-in & clock-out
ePOS Reports
ePOS Self Checkout

Self Checkout

Self-checkouts are becoming very trendy in food courts and takeaways. Self-checkouts enable customers to view the menu in their own time, order and make a payment. ePOS Hybrid provides self-checkouts
  • Customers are able to check menu and promotions
  • Customers can make payments using a card terminal
  • Avoid customer queues to improve customer satisfaction
  • Self-checkouts also collect feedback from customers

Back Office Management

Our ePOS Hybrid is not just about orders and table management, it automates your complete ‘Back office’ operations
  • You can manage all your HR activities including staff management, training records, rota management, annual leave, sick leave, absence management and staff files etc
  • Easy management of sales, cash & card payments, shift variance, refunds and voids etc
  • Manage your menus, pricing, promotions, advertisements and customers
  • Having integrated with Xero™ accounting software, all your accounts will be automatically updated
  • Easy to generate reports for your monthly or quarterly tax submissions such as VAT or GST
  • Run marketing campaigns to your customers with Mailchimp™ integration
  • Manage your suppliers orders, deliveries and stock ordering
  • Generate extensive reports on sales, promotions, products, staff performance, delivery efficiencies, stock losses, stock transfers, current stock levels, refunds and much more
  • Easily manage and act on customer complaints & follow up actions
  • Collect customer feedback and generate reports with all statistics
ePOS Back Office Management
ePOS Loyalty Card Management

Loyalty Card Management

A loyalty program helps customer retention and improves your number of repeat customers. Our ePOS will help you to manage your loyalty program to improve your business revenues
  • Create your own loyalty program to help improve your brand
  • Collect customer data to send regular promotions and happy hours etc
  • Issue printed digital cards or create your own Loyalty App
  • Easy management of points and redemption process
  • Run newsletters to all your loyalty card holders easily with the third party service

Kitchen Management

Whether you have a single kitchen or multiple kitchens (cooking areas), our ePOS Hybrid allows you to manage orders appropriately by sending relevant orders to relevant kitchens
  • Automatic orders to the kitchen either through kitchen printer or display screens
  • Kitchen staff can have individual screens to look at orders they’re cooking
  • Able to define order priority to help cook & serve customers efficiently
  • Kitchen staff can send cooking updates with the click of a button when using kitchen displays
  • The operator can send quick messages to kitchen printers or display screens
ePOS Kitchen Management
ePOS Delivery Drivers Management

Delivery Drivers Management

Technology is playing a significant role in the rapid growth of home deliveries. Our Delivery App streamlines your orders received from multiple channels and will help you to deliver more efficiently
  • Manage multiple delivery drivers and easily manage the routes
  • Track live locations of your drivers
  • Easy management of cash & card payments collected by your drivers
  • Monitor & record the exact time of orders, pick-up and delivery
  • Monitor individual driver's performance reports and statistics


Our collection app is very helpful for busy food courts and take-away restaurants because it helps in avoiding queues by displaying an order status with a customer name or order number
  • Display all orders by number or customer name on the collection counter display panel
  • Alert customers whose orders are ready to collect
  • Run your adverts and promotions when no orders are displayed
ePOS Collections
ePOS Advert Management

Advert Management

Advertisements will help to promote your offers, happy hours, special menus or new arrivals to the customers who walk into your premises. This module helps you to run advertisements on ‘Customer Display Screens’, ‘Digital Menus’, ‘Feedback Device’, ‘Self Checkout’ and ‘Smart Tables’
  • Upload and run both Image adverts and Video adverts
  • Runtime specific adverts, for example, if you want to run ‘special price drinks’ which display during your happy hours
  • Easily activate or deactivate your adverts with simple time & date settings

Order Management

In this big world, businesses are receiving orders from all sorts of platforms. ePOS Hybrid will make it simple to manage all types of orders from one place
  • Easily manage dine-in customers along with table allocations
  • Manage home deliveries & collections with customer address and previous order history
  • Recognise customer telephone numbers with our ‘Caller-id’ device
  • Manage Drive Thru orders & collections with our specialist app
  • Manage all other orders received from your website and third-party ordering websites
ePOS Order Management
ePOS Drive thru

Drive thru

Our ‘Drive Thru’ functionality helps you to run your drive-thru orders easily and efficiently
  • Drive through orders will instantly reach the kitchen for immediate cooking
  • Easy to manage two separate counters for orders and deliveries. Or you can manage both from a single counter
  • Provide coupons for future orders along with receipt of the current orders

Stock Management

Stock management is very essential for every food business for both stock ordering and managing stock losses. Unlike other ePOS, our ePOS Hybrid will be able to handle stock for loose items such as eggs, tomatoes and potatoes
  • Able to manage minimum stock levels and intelligent stock ordering without manual work
  • Easy management of stock movements such as wastage, shrinkage, expiry, missing and other branch transfers
  • Easy ‘stock checks’ using stocktake app
  • Provide great insights into stock through several reports
ePOS Stock Management
ePOS Takeaway Management

Takeaway Management

Our innovative ‘Takeaway’ features help restaurants to manage their takeaway orders with ease
  • Customer identification through telephone numbers
  • Address look-up facility using postcodes
  • Able to view most recent orders from the existing customer and repeat them, if needed
  • Print discount vouchers and coupon codes to generate repetitive business

Multiple Business Management

This module is extremely helpful for entrepreneurs who operate more than one site
  • Manage multiple sites from a single panel and access sales, stock, rotas, staff, financial reports, complaints, feedback and all other necessary reports on individual site
  • Define managers & administrators for each site and set access permissions
  • Easy transfer of stocks between sites
ePOS Multiple Business Management
ePOS Multi Language Menus

Multi Language Menus

Businesses in tourist destinations, airports and seaports attract customers from different backgrounds. Our ePOS Hybrid will help to manage menus in different languages which helps people to understand menus, ingredients & cooking instructions easily
  • Able to set up Menu along with ingredients & cooking instructions in different languages
  • Multi-language menus can be accessed through Digital Menu which runs on Tablet devices
  • We do not provide any automatic translation, but the app will allow you to copy & paste any language

Multi Currency Management

This feature is extremely useful for businesses that accept more than one currency
  • Able to accept different currencies and define exchange rate against the local currency
  • Any balance amount will be shown in local currency when tendered more than bill amount
  • Able to generate relevant financial reports on different currencies accepted
ePOS Multi Currency Management
ePOS Safe & Secure

Safe & Secure

We are experts in the safety and security of your data. Therefore our ePOS Hybrid is developed with various security standards
  • Your ePOS application is ‘Cloud’ hosted with complete encryption of code
  • All your customer and staff sensitive data is encrypted before storing into the cloud
  • We take automatic backup every 24 hours, so you will never lose data
  • Our 24/7 ‘Network team’ monitor for any unusual activity and take immediate measures for data security