10 ways an ePOS tablet can enhance your business

Don’t want to splash out on the full ePOS Hybrid software bundle? Our tablet has all the power of an ePOS terminal, wrapped up in a tablet. Find out more here…


The UK is at a standstill. Cafes, restaurants and bars have been closed for over a week now and previously bustling city centres around the country have been left like ghost towns. We’re also seeing the economic impact of Covid-19 on the hospitality industry, with Italian restaurant chain Carluccio’s announcing its closure earlier this week. It’s clear these are really tough times for the industry, and we can’t even be sure how bad it will get. 


In amongst the craziness, however, there are still opportunities. No one had heard of social networking app Houseparty until last week, and now everyone is using it on an almost daily basis. Yes, of course, no one is eating out – but there are eating in, with takeaways being one of the few sectors permitted to stay fully operational. Here, we list the 10 ways that an ePOS Hybrid tablet bundle can enhance your business, starting today…


1. Receive a full ePOS bundle

When you sign up for an ePOS Hybrid tablet you’ll actually receive a full bundle of products:  a 10.1” touchscreen tablet, a Bluetooth receipt printer, a cash drawer and a free SumUp wireless card reader – everything you need to get you started.


2. Be fully supported in the set-up


Don’t think that you’ll sign up and never hear from us – that’s not what we’re about at all.  We’ll support you in getting your account up and running and you’ll also have access to free 24/7 customer support to iron out any minor issues that come up. 


3. Simple and easy-to-use to use design

Even if you’ve never used a point of sale terminal before, you won’t have any issues getting to grips with the ePOS Hybrid tablet bundle. The simple to use design is incredibly user-friendly and will actually make your job easier – and more efficient! 


4. Improve your customer service


Never worry about complex orders again. All orders will be clearly displayed on screen and all vital cooking information, including allergies, will be in plain sight for chefs. You can also track kitchen productivity to ensure excellent service for your customers at all times. 


5. Get your orders out quicker 


One of the key features of the ePOS Hybrid tablet is that you can track your delivery drivers. So when it’s a busy Friday night and you have the orders stacking up, you can coordinate your drivers, view the fastest routes, and track the live locations of all your drivers. 


6. Automate processes for maximum efficiency 


Maybe you want to offer your customers 2 for the price of one on all sides Monday to Thursday? Or perhaps you’d like to give customers 25% off on Saturdays? With ePOS Hybrid’s software you can automatically discount prices between certain times.


7. Get insights into your business


Want to know what offers and discounts really resonate with your customers? When you purchase an ePOS Hybrid tablet you’ll be able to monitor your adverts, promotions and discount deals – and therefore gather critical insights on your customer behaviour. 


8. Manage your whole business – from a tablet


The tablet isn’t just for managing your menus or your orders, you can also use it to report on your wider business. Use the tablet to monitor sales, stock, and even your accounts – meaning that you can have a really clear view of your whole business at all times. 


9. A competitively priced business investment


We completely understand that making investments in your business at this time is a big decision to make. That’s why our point of sale products are competitively priced within the market, with the complete tablet package from ePOS Hybrid ringing in at only £399. 


10. Get started in minutes


Want to get started and be clocking in your first sale asap? No problem at all – you can sign up in only five minutes and be up and running in no time. If you’d prefer to chat things through before making a decision then give one of our friendly advisors a call. 

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