Kitchen printer with voice alert

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Product details

The ACE V1 80mm Thermal printer comes with a stylish appearance having unparalleled features. A smart kitchen printer, Ideal for Kitchen printer, Bar printer, Waiter printer and Customer receipt printer

Key Features:

  • End of Paper Alert, Voice Alert, Order Flashing.
  • Capable of printing 1D & 2D barcodes.
  • Ideal for ePOS applications at Restaurants, Bars & Pubs, Coffee Shops, Food Courts, Pizza Houses, Nightclubs and other Hospitality Industries.
  • Can print amplified, bold & underlined texts and the user can configure line spacing and left-right margins Supports printing bitmaps and graphics of different densities at a high speed of 350 mm per second.
  • Paper types such as line less, black-mark, continuous and label can be used for printing.
  • Supports  USB, Ethernet & Bluetooth.
  • Since the printer requires no ink cartridge or ribbon & consumes very low power, the running cost of the device is insignificant