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21.5 Inch Interactive Kitchen Display

RRP: £399.00

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The best kitchens are those that have mastered communication - improve information flow, get organised and never misplace an order again with the help of our interactive Kitchen Display System (KDS).

Manage your entire kitchen by consolidating all unprepared items across all open orders on a single display. Every item is colour-coded based on their cooking status (not started, cooking in progress, item complete) which allows you stay organised and ensure all orders get sent out in a timely manner.

Key features:

  • 21.5 inch touch screen display running Android
  • Ideal for restaurants, coffee shops, food courts, takeaways, bars & pubs
  • Measure and track your cooking speeds from order to completion
  • Orders are sent instantly, directly from your ePOS system
  • Works in parallel with your kitchen printers
  • Connects via LAN or Wi-Fi
  • Orders appear instantly with a loud, accompanying chime
  • Set up multiple displays for different prep areas
  • View order history at any time
  • Customise the display with bigger or smaller orders sizes
  • Every chef can see the status of every order at a glance

ePOS connectivity : GPS, Bluetooth 5.0, USB
Language : Multi language OSD operation
Resolution : HD Screen 1920 x 1200
Screen : 21.5 inch
Operating System : Android 9.0
CPU : Octa-core A53 64-bit processor 2.0GHz

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