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Order Management with Intuitave Technology

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Order Management with Intuitave Technology

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Table Management Table Management

Menu & Promotion Management

A great Menu and attractive promotions are key success for the food business and we understand it very well. ePOS Hybrid will give greater flexibility to add and manage Menu and Promotions easily.

  • Add & manage menu with information about cooking description, ingredients, allergy information and calorie information
  • Create separate menus for food, drinks, kids, desserts and even for special festivals such as Diwali Menu
  • Easy handle meal bundles, query meals and combo deals
  • Very simple to setup and run different types of promotions
  • Able to run promotions during specific days and/or times
  • Easy to manage discount codes & offers within receipts for next purchases
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Order Management with Intuitave Technology Order Management with Intuitave Technology

Zomato & Swiggy Integrations

Scrap multiple tablets, printers and bring all your third party orders like Zomato & Swiggy into your ePOS system.

  • Process all orders with ease from Zomato & Swiggy
  • Send orders directly to kitchen printer or display
  • Generate one single report for all sales channels
  • Provide with promotion codes to customers and generate direct orders
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Table Management Table Management

Kitchen Management

Whether you have a single kitchen or multiple kitchens (cooking areas), our ePOS Hybrid allows you manage order appropriately by sending relevant orders to relevant kitchens.

  • Automatic orders to kitchen through either Kitchen Printer or Display screens
  • Kitchen staff can have individual screens to look at orders they’re cooking
  • Able to define order priority to help cook & serve customers efficiently
  • Kitchen staff can send cooking updates with click of a button when using Kitchen Displays
  • Operator can send quick messages to Kitchen printers or Display screens
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Order Management with Intuitave Technology Order Management with Intuitave Technology

Customer Management

Loyal customers are vital to any business. Our customer management module will help businesses to maintain and manage customer data very securely and efficiently.

  • Store and retrieve customer data for Telephone orders and Home Deliveries
  • Manage Table booking with existing customer data
  • Send customer receipts directly to their email address
  • Run newsletters to customers about promotions & offers
  • Collect email feedback from customers who subscribed to receive offers
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Table Management & Table Reservation

Our innovative table management module helps you to create floor layouts, table arrangements exactly as your Restaurants. Also helps you to manage tables reservations and table allocations more efficiently.

  • Create your “Tables” with easy to draw tools and setup your own Restaurant layout including furniture
  • Manage all your table reservations received from multiple channels including from your website
  • Allocation of tables to walk-in guests after automatic check of next hour reservation
  • Easy to swap table & transfer orders when customer request for change of table
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Order Management with Intuitave Technology Order Management with Intuitave Technology

Custom Pizza

It is the most innovative feature in our ePOS system especially for Pizza restaurants, takeaways and deliveries.

  • Customers can create own pizza by choosing size, base, sauce, cheese and toppings etc
  • Customers can split pizza for choose different toppings
  • You can able to set up correct pricing for custom pizza with our innovative system
  • Combined with our mobile orders, website orders and QR orders, you customers experience great choice
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Accounting & GST Calculations

ePOS Hybrid will automate all our accounting & GST calculations and help you to generate various financial reports easily.

  • Able to set up different types of GST and slabs based on items
  • Able to generate GST reports either monthly, quarterly and/or annually for tax returns
  • With integration with Xero™ accounting software, your accounts will be automatically updated
  • With extensive use of our Stock module, you can manage accurate stock lost information to update your annual accounts
  • You can generate various financial reports to help analysing your business performance
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Intuitive Loyalty Programs Intuitive Loyalty Programs
Report Management Report Management

Back Office Management

Our ePOS Hybrid is not just about orders and table management, it also automates your complete ‘Back office’ operations.

  • You can manage all your HR activities including Staff management, training records, rota management, absence management and staff files etc
  • Easy management of sales, cash & card payments, shift variance, refunds and voids etc
  • Run marketing campaigns to your customers with Mailchimp™ and SMS integrations
  • Manage your suppliers, orders, deliveries and stock ordering
  • Collect customer feedback and generate reports with all statistics
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