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Coffee Shops


Food Courts

Food Courts

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Pubs & Bars

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Pizza Houses





Buffet Restaurants

Buffet Restaurants

Hardware Included

Software Pricing

Our 'All-in-One' ePOS system comes with FREE subscription of cloud-based, built-in epos software. You just have to activate it before start using it. A good news is, there is no expiry of this FREE Subscription of our application.

Note: If you want to avail the benefits of the extensive features of our software, you can upgrade from this free subscription at any point of time.

Our free subscription ePOS software comes with following features;

Menu Management

Table Management

Home Deliveries

Operator App

Basic Accounts

Promotion Management

Takeaway Management

Cloud Back office

Basic Reports

Need a Payment Card Terminal?

We have partnered with 'PaymentSense', one of the leading payment solutions company in the UK. They provide competitive prices based on your business volume. You can just sign up with them and start accepting card payments very quickly.

Please provide your consent to forward your details to 'Paymentsense', so that they will immediately get in touch with you and will take necessary steps for your card terminal.

Payment Card Terminal


ePOS Hybrid Systems

Quick to Install & Easy to Use

We help to build your Menu first time

Lots of Training Videos

24/7 Technical support for first 3 months

30 Days money back guarantee

Highly secure

30 Days Money Back Guaranty

If you're not satisfied with our Hardware or Software, you have 30 days peace of mind period to return and get full refund. No questions asked and we will process refund immediately.