Why self kiosks are not taking away restaurant jobs but helping staff adapt to the new dining experience

In 2020, the hospitality industry has faced some exceptional challenges. Namely, adapting to a significantly different dining experience. And to keep their staff and customers safe, restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs have all had to alter their previous approach to customer service and order fulfillment. 

With the aid of ePOS technology, many services have pivoted and even thrived during a socially distanced experience. And, to a large degree, self-ordering kiosks have played their part in this move.

So, while it can be easy to assume that robots have arrived to steal our jobs, in reality there’s little truth to that. Automation is actually enhancing businesses by shifting the experience for the customer and changing the way staff deliver on it.

How are self-kiosks changing casual dining and pop-up restaurants? 

In a recent report, 65% of customers claimed they would visit a restaurant more often if it had self-kiosks installed. And we know why: they’re faster, more efficient, and save a lot of time in the queues. 

Above all, self-kiosks increase the safety of staff and customers. And they do this by limiting the spread of coronavirus. With less human contact, queues are a thing of the past. And if customers can’t stand, they will have to sit. And this is resulting in table service becoming the norm. 

Some examples include: 

KFC aims to reduce waiting times and speed up the number of orders taken with self-kiosks. These are now available in KFC outlets across the UK. And, so far, their plan seems to be working. Especially when 8 out 10 KFC customers who start their order from a self-kiosk are following through to complete them. 

London-based chicken shop Chiktopia has gone all out on self-ordering by launching a 100% self-service kiosk restaurant. So what this means for staff who would normally be serving at a till is that they can be fully focused on food preparation and table service, not managing queues. 

Sushi chain Itsu rolled out new self-kiosk technology across its stores in an attempt to improve the customer experience. With more hot food and customised orders, customers now have the option to add extras to their dishes, like protein or vegetables. And this level of control is proving to be attractive, where more than a third are choosing to tailor their orders to match their tastes. 

Self-kiosks help staff and customers adapt to a new here-and-now dining experience

Self-kiosks help staff refocus and feel more motivated 

When self-kiosks are installed, staff who would’ve been serving at tills become freed up to improve the experience for the customers. This shift in duties not only enhances the experience for guests, making them feel looked after and safe, but it reduces the strain on staff. They’ll become less worried about their own safety, and feel better able to serve the needs of customers.  

Reduces risk of transmission, for customers and staff

We all have to take the necessary precautions to keep ourselves and others safe. And the message we heed is to keep our hands clean, avoid touching our faces, and maintain a safe space from others. So, this is where self-kiosks are perfect: they allow customers the space they need while reducing the spread. It’s wise, however, to ensure to keep your touchscreens clean. 

Allows customers to enjoy themselves 

It’s been proven that technology is enhancing the experience for customers. And where self-kiosks are making experiences more engaging, they’re also inviting patrons to return. Customer loyalty is essential for long-term growth, and this is why providing them with exciting experiences is increasingly important. 

Integrates easily for a seamless experience 

ePOS Hybrid has developed a range of technology for the hospitality sector to lift the customer experience and drive higher revenues. And this is why all our kiosks integrate easily with existing technologies. Our products can fit around your current tech set-up and enhance the experience for customers and staff. 


Get in touch to discover more about our range of self-kiosk systems. Whether you’re a big business or small, we’re developing new and exciting technology to serve a range of requirements.  

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