Which types of industries get the most out of self checkouts

Self-checkout technology may seem futuristic, but it’s been making our lives easier for a long time. Plus, there’s little doubt that it’s here to stay. 

In 2020, the global self-checkout industry was valued at over 3 billion dollars. And that’s because self-checkouts are offering businesses a valuable opportunity to transform and improve many aspects of what they do. From customer experience to operations and management, businesses are increasing revenues and building customer loyalty thanks to self-checkouts. 

So, despite the misconceptions, self-checkouts aren’t an expensive outlay. Instead, they offer a range of industries a valuable opportunity to invest in business growth. 

Types of industries that use self-checkouts

Hospitality sector

Self-checkout technology has swept through the hospitality sector and transformed customer experience. Today, more than half of all casual dining restaurants are expected to have installed self-checkouts. And this surge in popularity is not only taking self-checkouts mainstream, but improving outcomes for businesses. 


In a recent survey, three-quarters of respondents said they’d rather use self-service technology in a shop than interact with assistants. And this is something leading fashion retailer Zara took on board in recent years. By introducing self-serve checkout kiosks, their customers are not only happier to shop there but also less likely to walk out because of long or tedious queues. 


Major UK supermarkets have been offering self-checkouts for more than a decade. And since this form of service is now normal, the next and natural step has become mobile and RFID technology. Short for Radio Frequency Identification, hand-held readers or mobile apps are enabling shoppers to scan and pack their items as they go, before they pay.  


Cash machines and self-serve ATM’s have been around for a while. And this level of convenience to pay cash in and out of an account has given customers a greater sense of control. But, to reduce the potential for fraudulent activity, The Bank of England issues a series of guidelines. This is to ensure operators meet standards set, including installing detection software to spot any counterfeit notes. 


How are self-checkouts are making an impact?

•    Consumers are spending 30% more when they use self-service kiosks
•    Almost 70% of shoppers have chosen not to buy an item because of the size of the queue
•    In some Sainsbury’s stores, more than half of all sales are being made using self-serve technology.
•    More than 60% of people believe venues, bars, restaurants, and casual dining outlets should be doing more to reduce waiting times in the queues


Ways your business can improve by introducing self-checkouts

There are many ways your business will improve after you install self-checkouts: 

You’ll always have cashiers

Installing self-checkout technology means you can always serve your customers. They also improve productivity for your staff by freeing them up to prepare and deliver the orders. Plus, technology will always be there to keep the orders coming. 

You’ll get more revenue from upselling

When customers get excited, they’re inclined to buy more. So this means self-checkouts can do the work to prompt your customers to buy more. And this level of upselling is seeing a significant upsurge in order revenues.  

You’ll process orders safer and faster

In 2018, cash transactions accounted for 22% of all retail sales in Britain. So, with dwindling use of cash—and more outlets choosing to go cashless—self-checkouts make things run faster. They’re also safer, where handling cash may be more likely to spread germs. 

You’ll gain customer loyalty by putting them in control

There is evidence to suggest self-checkout technology will increase your chances of gaining repeat customers. And there are many factors involved in customers’ motivation to return. But today, self-serve technologies are doing a good job of addressing the need for convenience in our busy and demanding lives. 

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