Our first 10 reasons not convinced you Guess what Here is another 5


We have already given you 10 reasons why ePOS Hybrid can help your business. Still on the verge of deciding? Lucky for you we have another 5 reasons!!


Number 1 - Home Deliveries

The most consistently negative feedback from customers is problems with home delivery. This could be the length of time the delivery took, lack of information on status of delivery and no reasonable time estimates can frustrate customers waiting for food.

ePOS Hybrid allows your customers to monitor their order from the beginning of cooking to out for delivery and with our driver management feature your customer can see exactly where the delivery driver is, therefore approximate time of arrival. This leads to better customer satisfaction which in return leads to customer retention.



Number 2 - Customer feedback

It is important for businesses to gain customer feedback in order to improve services and customer satisfaction. This can be difficult to gain and sometimes customers can pass feedback forms to the wrong people.

Not with ePOS Hybrid! Our software makes it easier for staff to record customer feedback so that it can be accessed by appropriate staff - including those not on site. This means that managers can deal with negative feedback in a quick and responsive manner ensuring the right staff resolve the problems. Our software also allows feedback to be monitored as data over a period of time which can potentially highlight the areas that have the most issues or staff commendations. Therefore improving both customer and employee satisfaction. What more could you want?


Number 3 - Advertisement

Advertisements can be difficult to create. Printed materials can be costly and wasteful and date quickly meaning the timeline of promotions are restricted.

By using ePOS Hybrid we can provide an advert display screen which uses digital advertising with an easy to manipulate software. This can run video or still image adverts and is managed directly from your ePOS system. Leading to more adverts running with no restrictions and the potential to alter and assist any promotion.


Number 4 - Data

Having oversight of your business and understanding the importance of data has become a time consuming exercise for management working with multiple systems. Much of the data than can be utilised by a business is not accessible on other epos systems.

Epos Hybrid software allows management to access the  data as they wish. This means managers can easily generate their own reports as the business requires, alongside standard reporting. For example looking at delivery timing to see what issues might be causing delays.



Number 5 - Loyalty card

Maintaining customer loyalty is a key part of business success. Customer service can be impacted by not recognising loyal customers and maintaining that relationship. Many loyalty cards are printed items that are stamped by the business. These can be costly to produce and easily lost or forgotten by customers.

Epos Hybrid can provide a loyalty card through the Epos mobile application so customers are not having to carry a card with them. This allows them to easily present a loyalty card to access promotions in an efficient manner for the business. Data can also be utilised by staff to identify these customers.


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