Need more reasons to choose ePOS Hybrid here is another five


Were the last five reasons not enough to persuade you to upgrade to ePOS Hybrid? It seems you may be in luck as here is another five reasons why you need ePOS Hybrid in your business.


Number 1 - Menu Management

Do you want to make a change to your menu? Change the price of an item or even add/take away an item on your current menu but find it too difficult and time consuming? and not to forget costly! ePOS Hybrid has a management function that allows you to change or create a whole new menu within minutes. by having full control of the function, it couldn't be easier to add or remove necessary items- from only a computer.


Number 2 - Promotion Management

Most hospitality sectors find it difficult to create promotions due to old systems. Similar to Menu Management mentioned in the last post it can require a lot of steps to create 1 or 2 day promotions. However, thanks to ePOS Hybrid you can create promotions within a matter of minutes! And the best part about this function? There is no limit! You can create and delete as many promotions as you want! Time to start thinking about your next promotion!

Number 3 - Table turnaround

Is the busy hours of 5pm-9pm on a Friday and Saturday where you make most of your profit? You have plenty of staff on but still more customers are coming in requesting tables even though you're full. This makes it difficult to increase and gain more profit. With ePOS Hybrid digital menu you can allow customers to look over your menus and send their order straight to the kitchen- no waiting around for a busy waiter/waitress. The digital menu also allows customers to request orders for drinks and food and even the bill! This means there is less time waiting resulting in a 4x turn- around of tables, an increase in profit and most importantly happy customers.



Number 4 - Telephone Orders

For some hospitality sectors it can be difficult to monitor incoming calls and to keep track of the number of customers ordering by telephone for delivery. ePOS Hybrid's caller ID hardware allows all establishments to view details of the caller right on their ePOS terminal. The details can include: Customer name, delivery address and previous orders to make it easier for customers to repeat orders. By using this hardware it allows a better relationship with repeating customers as well as creating a more efficient process for telephone orders.


Number 5 - Kitchen Management

Communication between the front house of a restaurant, ordering online and the kitchen can really struggle sometimes and lead to errors within orders especially throughout busy spells. ePOS Hybrid resolved this through the kitchen management software which allows orders to be sent directly to the kitchen and still allows waiters/waitresses the option of adding additional details to accompany the order. This means the order is clear and less mistakes are made.


If you were still unsure about the benefits of ePOS Hybrid before this post, we really hope this has helped you to understand how much ePOS Hybrid can exceed your business. But if not, keep a look out for another 5 reasons in the next week! You didn't think we only had 10 great explanations of why ePOS Hybrid is the best software for the hospitality sector did you?



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