Five ways ePOS Hybrid can supercharge your retention and customer satisfaction

Our POS system has a wide range of fucntionality which focuses on automating large parts of your food business. By cleverly integarting technology into your daily operations, you can not only increase efficiency and reduce costs, but you can increase your business success as well. One of the most powerful contributors to the success of any business is their customers. By focusing on your service delivery and customer satisfaction, you can not only drive retention and generate repeat business, but you encourage word-of-mouth marketing, one of the most influential forms of marketing in any industry, and the key to help you elevate your business to the next level.

A recommendation or customer refferal is far more effective in generating revenue than any glossy advert in your local magazine or a popular post on instgram. When a customer recommends your business to friend, collague or partner, that recommendation comes with a level of trust you can't achive through any other form of marketing. Your best friend would never recommend a bad restaurant where they had an awful experience, right?

As customer satisfaction is so crucial, we've taken a look at how our POS system can help supercharge your operations and get customers coming back again and again.


Number 1 - Allergen Information

Don't risk putting your customers life on the line. As per EU FIC rules, food outlets must provide allergen information to their customers. Unfortunately repeatedly businesses are failing to provide this  and putting customer’s lives at risk due to a lack of available information, accessibility and staff training.


Many food businesses are also  failing to provide accessible Allergen information  to their customers when ordering from Mobile Apps and Websites.


ePOS Hybrid resolved this problem and made it easier to keep your customers safe. They did this by providing the Owner / Manager of the business the options to list all Allergen information for each food item with a few simple clicks. Once finished and uploaded on to the software the Allergen information is then available to all check out staff, waiters & waitress, self checkouts, mobile app and websites.


This helps customers to buy with confidence and also enables your business to be legally compliant.




Number 2 - 3rd party apps

Are you one of the many businesses who are being over charged and paying high fees for orders taken through third party apps such as Just Eat?


Thanks to our new software we provide every business with their own mobile app and web ordering system. This allows our business to promote your app to your loyal customers which helps to reduce dependency on third party apps.


Number 3 - Table management

Many restaurants are using outdated software or paper to record table reservations and bookings. This leads to more tables being blocked out for longer periods than necessary. Resulting in a slower turnover of tables and potential customers getting turned way.


Thanks to ePOS Hybrid's table manager software, you can now record details in a matter of minutes which in return expands availability. A higher turnover of tables improves efficiency and increases retention during busy periods. The return on investment can see tables turnover four times more in a busy period which is usually 5pm -9pm on a Friday and Saturday.



Number 4 - Food Waste Monitoring

Are you wasting unnecessary amounts of fresh food through poor stock management and mishandling? This results in ethical and environmental implications.


Due to poor data recording, businesses cannot offset purchase cost and end up paying extra tax.


ePOS Hybrid helps to record all food wastage by chefs, waiters and other staff by producing an extensive report to managers showcasing wastage patterns. This helps managers take appropriate action and helps to offset purchase costs which assists appropriate tax management.


As well as this, the Stock management software allows managers to see exact details on food being ordered and which ingredients are used. This leads to the manager to monitor stock ordering more efficiently.


Number 5 - Business monitoring remotely


Around 75% of business owners need to be on site to monitor staff, functions and overview of sales, often resulting in the closure of business if days off are required. This can have a huge effect on the business due to the limitations of no money being made.   

The ePOS Hybrid software is a cloud based app meaning it allows owners and managers to overlook the business from anywhere. The manager insights app allows the overview of shifts, employee performance, current activity such as how many tables and customers are in, as well as sales taken from that day. ePOS Hybrid allows a business to run more effectively due to the software and apps made available wherever you go.


Hopefully if you were unsure about this software these 5 things has made it easier for you to decide.


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