Buy now, pay later
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Biller allows you to place an order instantly
and pay for it within 30 days!

What is Biller?

Biller is a fast and secure buy now, pay later solution for
businesses. Simply choose Biller at checkout, we'll dispatch
your items and you can pay the invoice after 30 days, interest

How does it work?


Add your hardware to
your checkout


Add your delivery
information and checkout
with Biller


We'll dispatch your
hardware and you can
pay in 30 days

Frequently asked questions

Biller is a buy now pay later solution designed specially for businesses! You can buy anything on our website and pay for it later, interest free.

You can purchase an item on our website and by choosing Biller at checkout, you can buy the item now but pay for it by invoice in 30 days time. After entering your business details, Biller will run a quick check and approve your purchase instantly! ePOS Hybrid will dispatch your order and you pay Biller in 30 days.

After you complete your purchase with Biller, Biller will send you a payment request for the total amount due. You can pay this invoice by completing a bank transfer using the bank details provided on the invoice.

Biller will always do a check on the order if you choose their payment method. If you have questions regarding this check, please contact Biller via

Biller is suitable for sole traders, limited companies and charities registered with Companies House in the UK.

You can pay for your order any time within 30 days of completing your purchase. If you fail to pay within this time, you will receive a friendly payment reminder from Biller. The reminder will have a new payment due date. If you again fail to make payment, you will receive a new reminder which will include additional fees.

It could be that the email with the payment request has been marked as spam. Check if the email from Biller is not in your spam folder. If you still need assistance, you can contact

Yes, you can make payment anytime within the 30 day period.

You’ll need your registered company information, business name, registered address etc.

If you’d like to cancel your order, please contact us on Biller are unable to cancel your order.

Sometimes Biller won’t accept orders from certain businesses. This is usually because of little or no credit history related to your business. If you’d like clarification, you can contact

A payment request from Biller will be sent after your order has been shipped. If you haven’t received any shipping notification yet, please contact

You can find Biller's terms and conditions here. For more information about Biller in general, you can visit their website.